SEO or Search Engine Optimisation in short is to improve your website’s quality to increase website traffic. The general logic is that more traffic means more exposure which in return means more business.

Unlike paid advertising the main target of SEO is to direct unpaid traffic to your website. This type of traffic is generally from various sources like Google searches for info, images, and video searches or specific topic searches.

Why do I need SEO

Driving more traffic to your website increases your exposure online, and in this digital era that is much needed to increase sales and to stay competitive.

The higher your website ranks on Google searches is a sure sign of creditability and the more credible your company looks the changes are that you will increase your sales.

Most clients these days research products or services before they buy or make use of them, and if your website is ranked highly there are much better chance that your product or service will be seen by protentional clients.

With the improvement made to your website to maximise your SEO, your website also offers better user experience to visitors, and a well-functioning website makes you look more professional and creditable.

From a cost point of view SEO is also far cheaper than paid advertising and SEO continuously offers results.

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