Our Team

We are dedicated to delivering high quality work!

Eric Swanepoel

Chief Executive Officer and Lead Web Content Administrator
Chief Executive Officer responsible for IT support and Website Content. He is truly skilled with over 9 years of experience in his field.

Surenë Swanepoel

Chief Executive Officer and Lead Graphic Designer
Responsible for all graphic and website design. She is talented with over 11 years experience in her field.

Our Vision

We want to make professional designing affordable so that every business can grow. Small or big. In doing so we allow small local businesses the opportunity to grow and become even more successful.

We are in the business of making businesses grow and we want to see your business reach its fullest potential.

Our Work

We take our work very seriously. Every design is thought out meticulously and hours are invested to ensure that your design reflects your business. We bring your business alive through our designs. We promise to always give you the best advice. We promise to always provide you with our very best. We never settle for good enough, we settle just short of perfection.

Our Belief

Our core beliefs:
  • To always provide the very best
  • To conduct business with integrity, honesty and respect
  • To always stay true to our vision and core beliefs
  • To provide professional affordable services

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